The CDO and the Data Stream Manager:

how can we help you?

At Datastreams, we like to say we are in the business of solving problems. That’s why we have developed our Data Stream Manager: an easy way to make life easier for everyone concerned with Data in your organisations. Whether you are in the business of analyzing data or your concern is the finances of your company, our Data Stream Manager can make life just that bit easier.


As Chief Data Officer, it’s up to you to guide your business towards a data-driven strategy by asking (and answering!) the right questions: Do the right people have access to the data they need? What is the big picture the data is trying to tell us? What value can we reap from our data? It’s your job to make sure that the right data ends up at the right place, so the best data-driven decisions can be made. Oh, and don’t forget your responsibility when it comes to privacy and protection!

With all these tasks, we hope you love data as much as we do. However, we’ll forgive you for getting frustrated with it at times, because Data isn’t always the way we would like it to be: different parts of your data will often be scattered across channels with no way to integrate them, or the platform you use for your data management might not be connected to all your data sources. Let’s not forget that your data might not be accurate, consistent or secure. Getting stressed? Don’t worry, we might be able to help.

Our promise

Our Data Stream Manager makes it easier than ever to both integrate and disseminate data. The DSM allows you to easily collect data from different sources and bring it together in one central hub, from which you can then make sure the right people or programs have access to the right data. Attached to the tools and platforms you are currently using to get value from data? The Data Stream Manager easily fits into your current data infrastructure, connecting data sources to data destinations such as ORACLE or MySQL and enabling them to continue working on secure and complete data. And don’t worry, we don’t like things overly complicated, so connecting one or more sources to a destination can easily be done in the manager without IT involvement.

In short, our Data Stream Manager allows you to stop focusing on separate issues of data silos, disconnected channels or unclear data connections. Instead, you will finally be able to get at the big picture of what your data has been trying to tell you all along, so you can start making valuable, reliable data-driven decisions today, rather than tomorrow.

(Oh, and you will finally be able to stop arguing with your DPO. With the Data Stream Manager, you can’t only ensure the data ends up at the right place at the right time, but also that it does so securely and in a GDPR-compliant way. It’s nice not having to worry about something, isn’t it?)

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