The CMO and the Data Stream Manager:

how can we help you?

At Datastreams, we like to say we are in the business of solving problems. That’s why we have developed our Data Stream Manager: an easy way to make life easier for everyone concerned with Data in your organisations. Whether you are in the business of analyzing data or your concern is the finances of your company, our Data Stream Manager can make life just that bit easier.


360-degree customer insight, adaptive real-time targeting, personalized content, improved customer experiences… The promises of ‘Big data’ seem endless, but reaping the benefits from your data collection activities is not as easy as it seems. Marketers say that barely a third of available data are actually used to drive business decisions. A shame, because good, integrated data is key in gaining customer insights for improving customer experiences via personalized online services.

Indeed, as Szymon Szmigiel, Head of Commercial Sales at TogetherData, says: “The key to success is not only an analysis of relevant data sets, but above all, an appropriate combination of its own data with external data.” Indeed, comprehensive integration of data from varying sources is the key towards good data analytics. Does your current data infrastructure not support this integration? Our Data Stream Manager can be of assistance.

Our promise

Our Data Stream Manager allows for valuable data analytics on complete, trustworthy datasets. Amongst other features, our DSM is an excellent tool for monitoring live data streams and remembering users across sessions. By combining customer data from different sources across varying platforms, the DSM enables instant, reliable customer insights for improved customer experiences.

Through integrating the DSM with your current analytics, engagement or visualization platform, you can continue doing what you’re doing, just based on more complete, integrated and secure data. The DSM has been designed to be highly flexible and capable of adapting to personalized requirements. Wondering about the possibilities? Our use cases represent just a few of the possible implementations!

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