We are Datastreams.

Datastreams was founded to raise the professional standards for both data collaboration and data ethics, enabling companies to get the most out of their data while upholding high data governance and privacy standards. Today, many organisations are using our innovative technology to bring their data decisioning to the next level and our team of ambitious visionaries, experienced data scientists and dedicated developers will ensure we are ready to support the data challenges of tomorrow.

Enabling organisations to share data in a simple, ethical and compliant way for increased collaboration and improved data-driven decisions. That’s what we stand for and have been doing over the last 15 years.

Datastreams anywhere, collaborate everywhere.

Meet our team.

Datastreams collaboration platform, Bob Nieme

Bob Nieme

Datastreams collaboration platform, Peter Lem

Peter Lem

VP of Engineering
Datastreams collaboration platform, Ian Gardiner

Ian Gardiner

VP Sales
Datastreams collaboration platform, Robert Pasman

Robert Pasman

Client Success Manager
Datastreams collaboration platform, Stefan de Kraker

Stefan de Kraker

Business Development
Datastreams collaboration platform, Marco Versteijne

Marco Versteijne

Legal Advisor & DPO

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