“The Data Stream Manager is an end to end solution for data management. As a data scientist I need full flexibility to acquire and collect any customer centric data for specific business questions. I can write any type of code and apply it throughout the customer journey in a compliant infrastructure.”

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“Customer data management projects will increase by 75%”


– Forrester 2017


Digitalisation further increases the need on data ownership and controlled distribution. Customers and digital channels have a continuous impact on data and the way access is given to share these with trusted networks and partners.

Full control and independent data ownership is the act of having legal rights and complete control over a single piece or set of data elements. It defines and provides information about the rightful owner of data assets and the acquisition, use and distribution policy implemented by the data owner.

The Data Stream Manager (DSM) has been developed by experts in data management. We have built up extensive and leading edge experience from hundreds of complex worldwide implementations in best of breed analytics solutions and have applied what we have learnt to the DSM solution.

Do you want to control data and manage this in a compliant way without limiting your data engineers, data scientists and others who need to leverage this valuable asset? Drop us a line!

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Masters in data management

Data Engineers

Access and code any data source

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Data Scientists

Integrate your Data Science algortihms and make libraries available at runtime. Develop and test without interrupting your organisation.

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Data Stewards

Control your data distribution, integration and storage. Any data project can have one to many end points for storage and integrations. All flexibility and full control!

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Chief Data Protection Officer

Master and control data operations in maximum flexibility for data engineers. All to leverage your network and professionals.

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Empowered by a world class solution

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“Some of the best theorizing comes after collecting data because then you become aware of another reality.”


– Robert J. Shiller, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics


Simplify data collection, governance, modelling and connectivity, from any source, to any end point. Easily stream this data for accurate omnichannel data integrationreal-time business opportunities and to deliver ROI.

Quickly and easily fuel your and/or your clients’ data-driven applications with the right data, anytime, anywhere. It empowers you to continuously leverage the specific data you need, without any IT involvement. The Data Stream Manager will enable you to quickly focus on how to solve any use case and create instant business value for your customers.

The Data Stream Manager is a business applications built upon O2MC I/O prescriptive computing platform which provides a framework for designing and deploying event based data processing solutions. The platform can work with any data source including the world of the Internet of Things.

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