Marketing segmentation to the next level.

Our labels & segments module combines advanced data collection and effective audience segmentation into one complete solution. It allows organisations to bring together all relevant data in the company and use it to build customer profiles that are more specific and meaningful than those based on a single source of non-integrated data. These profiles can then be used to launch and monitor a tailored marketing campaign based on triggers for a given group and/or individual. Compliant solution design, features such as time-frame targeting and easy integration with the Datastreams Platform and its other modules, make the module a best-in-class segmentation solution.

Privacy and consent management

Labels & SegmentsModule.

Segment based on a variety of sources

Bring together a variety of sources in your organisation to create sophisticated segments.

Pro-active, real-time targeting

Combine a clearly defined customer segment with a marketing trigger to dynamically and automatically target potential customers based on their online behaviour.

Capture analytics and evaluate your segments

Analyse the responses and behaviour of different customer segments to improve your customer segmentation in future campaigns.

Integrated Marketing Automation

Directly stream segmentated data into your application of choice, such as DSP's, outbound marketing solutions, or marketing databases.

Sophisticated, simple and secure.

The user interface for our labels & segments module has been designed to make targeting easy, flexible and dynamic. Choose the relevant data sources, pick which attributes to segment on and let the Datastreams Platform bring everything together. Launching a campaign based on segments is easy: attach a marketing trigger to a segment and any customers fitting the segment criteria will be targeted accordingly for as long as the campaign runs. Working with a marketing partner or external platform? All the data required to set a personalised campaign in motion can easily and securely be streamed to the required end-points through the Datastreams Platform.

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How to manage Consent?

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