Consent, far more than a cookie wall.

Consent management entails not only asking customers for which purposes their data can be processed, but also continuously respecting these choices as their data travels across platforms and across departments. Simply stated; consent management does not happen at a single moment, but is a continuous process. Our Datastreams Platform Module for Omnichannel Consent Management assists you in collecting and managing consent across devices and channels in a compliant way, so you can use customer data to drive business value in a compliant way, anywhere, anytime.

Monitoring Data Quality Assurance

Privacy & ComplianceModule.

Privacy by Design

Correctly managing consent presents an opportunity to increase transparency and trust with internal and external stakeholders, leadership, employees and customers on ethical data management and being associated with this.

Multi purpose

Data security and audit embedded. Sync your data with the right policies to avoid privacy implications. (re)Take ownership and control on your customer data and use the flexible on data sharing and new dataflows.

Consent anywhere

Create the ability to use the right consent given data, appropriately collected, managed and checked against the right legal obligations, with anyone, anywhere.

Consent through allstages.

After a customer has given consent for specific processing purposes (but not for others), the real strength of the consent module lies in ensuring that these preferences are respected at all times. No matter how many different databases or departments the data has passed through in your company, data never ends up where it is not allowed. This means that every department inside and outside of your organisation can trust that the data they send or receive has fully been vetted for compliance.

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