Consent management, is not just a simple cookie wall.


Consent management entails not only asking customers for which purposes their data can be processed, but also continuously respecting these choices as their data travels across platforms and across departments. It’s a continuous process to comply with data regulations like the GDPR, ePrivacy regulation, LGPD Brazil, California Consumer Privacy Act and company specific privacy rulings by managing consent and policies across your data platforms. Our Privacy and Compliance module enables companies to collect and manage consent across devices and channels in a compliant way, so that customer data can be used to drive business value in a compliant and respectful manner.

Privacy & ComplianceModule.

Privacy by Design

Utilise customer data collected from fully-informed, consenting customers in a manner appropriate to legal obligations and Privacy by Design principles.


Use policies to tag personal or sensitive data to ensure that data never ends up at inappropriate endpoints.

Self service

Easily set-up the consent solution and match the pop-up to your brand style through our user-friendly, flexible interface.

Go beyond your own department or company.

Data sharing between departments or companies is important, but respecting customer consent when doing so can be difficult. Our consent module has been specifically designed to ensure that customer consent preferences are respected at all times, no matter where their data goes. This means that no matter how many different databases or departments the data has passed through in your organisation, data never ends up where it is not allowed. Finally, our consent solution has been designed to make sharing data with other companies while adhering to consent preferences easy. Meaning every department inside and outside of your organisation can trust that the data they send or receive has fully been vetted for compliance. 

Can you trust your data?

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How to specify marketing triggers?

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