Build your own future with Datastreams Studio.

Sometimes you need a data driven solution in a fast, flexible way that is easy to manage and maintain as well. For those situations, we have created the Datastreams Studio for developers. Our Studio allows companies to leverage the power of our patented DimML language and craft their own solutions while being able to connect, govern and share them by the Datastreams platform.

Build your own data platform with Datastreams Studio for developers

Datastreams Studio.

Easy start

Receive a developer licence and all the information and documentation you need to get started.

Build fully integrated solutions

Integrate your custom solutions with the Datastreams platform and its modules for a fully integrated data architecture.

All the freedom you want

Create whatever you want and however many solutions you need. The only constraint is your ambition.

Build solutions usingDimML.

With the Datastreams Studio, we give you the control over our unique & patented DimML programming language. DimML is an intuitive declarative programming language designed to reduce development time and allow data streams to be harnessed simply and efficiently. Designed to be easy-to-learn but with endless possibilities, DimML is the foundation that the Datastreams Platform and its solutions are built upon. More information can be found on our DimML website.

How to manage consent?

Discover our Module Privacy & Compliance.

Can you trust your data?

Use the Module Quality Assurance.