Empower your DataOps.


Empower your business, suppliers and partners with agile data management. With our Platform you smoothly design data operations across the business, their departments and teams. This has become a necessity for organizations that need to maximize the value of their data.

The business is focused on outcomes but the bulk of the effort is built around data processing and delivery. Demand for data outstrips the capacity of IT organizations and data engineering teams to deliver. New data management practices that adapt the practices DevOps to support data operations (DataOps) are the key to agility in data management. 

DataOps is a collaborative data management practice focused on improving the communication, integration and automation of data flows between data managers and data consumers across an organization.

Digital Marketing need real-time compliant data to control their budgets and customer journeys. Finance departments want to follow their money and goods and so on! Don’t wait, start now!

Data Operations and Orchestration


Configure, collect and combine data sources through our easy interface in a few clicks


Configure your streams, add operations and automate to connect to your business operations in real time.


Real-time compliance for your projects, workflows, every data-stream in control

“DataOps is a new practice without any standards or frameworks. Currently, a growing number of technology providers have started using the term when talking about their offerings and we are also seeing data and analytics teams asking about the concept "

Nick Heudecker
Research Vice President at Gartner.

Create your own streamingprocess.

Adopting DataOps requires that people understand how to implement, automate, and monitor well-defined data processes. These workflows encompass building, changing, testing, deploying, running, and tracking new and modified functionality for data pipelines and that’s ,together with other functionalities, exactly where our Operator will help organisations to securely manage and govern these data workflows.

  • Operator Benefits
  • Connect to any or many sources (e.g.: website, native app, sensor, database, application)
  • Connect to any or many destinations (e.g.: SQL, Azure Blob, Amazon s3, Google Cloud Storage)
  • Stream data to any or many end points in real time or batched
  • Store data in your own data lake
  • Fully compliant to all privacy related legislations (e.g.: GDPR, CCPA, e-Privacy Directive)

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