Develop and share your pro-code data services easily as a product for your business

IT departments and data experts spend 80% of their effort on maintenance and just 20% on improving the systems. Our development studio supports automating everyday tasks, reducing costs and time, so more resources are available to improve your business processes and outcomes.

Automate your data operations and scale expert and domain knowledge in a fast, flexible way that is easy to manage and maintain. For this, we created a private s for IT and data experts. A private studio will have secured token access to publish and share your application easily to any connected platform.

Datastreams platform. flow-based programming language and craft your own IT process automation applications while being able to connect, govern and share your application anywhere.
Build your own data platform with Datastreams Studio for developers

Activate your master

Add a developer license and enjoy the power of flow-based programming


Develop and publish customized domain-specific data services.

Compliancy notificaties

Share or tailor for specific customer demands, automate your intelligence. 

How to manage universal consent?

Privacy Consent Management

Can you trust your data?

Benefit from high quality and trusted data?

With the Development Studio, we give you control over an intuitive, powerful flow-based programming language designed to reduce development time and allow you to automate, streamline and orchestrate your data operations. Designed to be easy to learn but with endless possibilities, DimML is the proprietary foundation of this powerful flow-based hybrid architecture. More information can be found on our DimML website.
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