Achieve a true 360-degree patient view

Improve analytics by creating a data collaboration architecture

Enable secure R&D collaboration with other healthcare institutions

Data-driven medical program.

Data has always been a key factor for being able to provide good healthcare. Collecting data of individuals has helped to diagnose and treat patients. Additionally, combining data across healthcare institutions has enabled researchers to identify and treat illness across the world. Data-driven collaboration within and between healthcare providers continues to be a crucial part of providing good healthcare. However, with the enormous amounts of data being collected by hospitals and healthcare providers and more stringent data regulations coming into force, providing efficient, secure and ethical sharing of sensitive patient data has proven to become a growing challenge.

With the Datastreams Platform, we have developed a solution for safe, secure and privacy-conscious data sharing that is perfect for sharing patient data between departments or healthcare institutions. Additionally, it enables the integration of data from a variety of devices and databases, creating a 360-degree view of the patient without requiring inefficient and insecure data sharing over email or phone. Furthermore, it allows enhanced collaboration between healthcare institutions by facilitating easy and secure data sharing between organisations. This allows healthcare providers to:

  • Achieve a seamless 360-degree patient view by efficiently sharing patient data between departments and healthcare institutions.
  • Monitor patient condition and quickly respond to symptom developments by collecting and updating patient data in real time.
  • Integrate administrative data with patient and treatment data to create an integrated database for hospital care analysis.
  • Determine patient-specific eligibility, risk scores, gaps in care and medical history information by gathering relevant information from internal and external sources.
  • Enhance collaboration between healthcare providers by sharing on-site medical equipment and streaming results to patient treatment location.
  • Share R&D data between healthcare institutions for better and more integrated collaborative research.
  • Ensure patient records and other sensitive information is streamed and stored in a secure and legally compliant manner.

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