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Data-driven Operational Excellence.

Operational excellence is the base for any organisation that operates in logistics around the world. In order to optimise the standards in operational excellence, logistics companies not only need to optimise resource allocation when planning deliveries, but must also respond to unplanned obstacles like congested roads, driver shortages and bad weather in an optimised manner.

The big data and predictive analytics in the Logistic market are based on comprehensive company data and play a key role in both planned as responsive actions. Combining historic data with current data events allows organisations to make optimal data-driven decisions. In order to do so, organisations are required to have access to an integrated dataset consisting of both historic and real-time data from internal and external data sources. The Datastreams Platform enables organisations to capture and combine different types of data and intelligently stream them to a variety of destinations, enabling logistics providers to:

Enhanced industry collaboration.

Shipping goods, especially multi-modal shipping, requires the collaboration of many parties. As products move through the supply chain, each party creates or possesses data that can be of interest to others in the supply chain. Sharing this data between parties simplifies the process of transferring goods, it provides assurance of service quality and it improves predictability of the deliveries – helping logistic organisations to improve their operational excellence.  

Many logistics providers have realised the potential of sharing data, but are reluctant to do so for technical, legal or security reasons. The Datastream Platform simplifies the process of data sharing, allowing companies to share data with industry partners in an easy, compliant and secure manner. By facilitating this collaboration, all parties in the supply chain can bundle their powers to achieve full supply chain optimisation.

Operational evolution through personalised solutions

Achieving operational excellence through optimised resource allocation, industry collaboration and contingency planning is a lofty goal by itself. At Datastreams, we call it operational evolution, and it’s our mission to help organisations to achieve it.

To push organisations towards this operational evolution, we love to collaborate with them to develop a solution that will bring their business to the next level. An example of a solution we are very proud of, is the application for logging deliveries we developed for logistics provider Nabuurs. Read about our work for them and our other clients on our client case page.

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