How to clear a bonus in an online casino. What is required and what is prohibited

How to clear a bonus in an online casino. What is required and what is prohibited

How to clear a casino bonus and what does it mean? Often, casinos have conflicts with punters over bonuses and their wagering. Therefore, it is very important to know how to clear the bonus at the casino.gonzos quest Sometimes it seems that bonus credits are given to punters for free and do not require anything in return, but this is a misconception. Basically, punters have to"pay" for gifts from the casino, this process is called wagering. In this article, we'll talk about what this means and how it's done. How to clear a casino bonus? Wagering, wager, wager, turnover all mean the same thing - the punter will need to spend a certain amount so that the winnings received with an active bonus can be withdrawn %s... The problem is that the casino sets a number of requirements that make this task quite difficult. Therefore, some punters even prefer to refuse offers. The wager is usually indicated as a multiplier to the bonus amount. For example, a 30x wager means that you have to wager the $ 100 bonus by betting a total of $ 3,000 ($ 100x30). If the wager is 10x, then the clearing will be much easier - the required amount of bets is $ 1,000 ($ 100x10). You will place bets, over time this amount will accumulate and the winnings will become available for withdrawal. What does it mean if the casino requires wagering a bonus and a deposit? In such cases, you need to add the deposit amount to the bonus amount and multiply by the wager. For example, in the same example, the wagering will actually be 60x if 100% is added to your deposit %s... After all, then the base will no longer be $ 100, but $ 200, and this amount will need to be multiplied by 30. Be attentive to such moments. Sometimes it seems that the offer is profitable, since the wager is lower than on other sites. But if there is a rule to add the deposit to the bonus in order to calculate the amount of wagering, then this changes the situation. Please also note that each category of games, and sometimes individual games, have their own contribution. This is the name of the percentage of the bet that counts towards the wagering requirement. Traditionally, pokies have 100%, others have either 10% or 0%. If the contribution is 0%, then you will bet in these games as a blank, that is, the amount of wagering will not change %s... A 100% contribution means that the wagering requirement will be reduced by the full stake. How to clear a bonus at a casino. Prohibitions and limits To wager the casino bonus at the set time The problem is not only to put down the required amount in the casino, but also that you will not be able to wager the bonus forever. There is a limited time for wagering. It can be a month, a week, a day. The more attractive the offer, the less time is given. This is done to prevent punters from withdrawing bonuses too often. Wagering a casino bonus without playing certain games All casinos list specific games that are prohibited from playing with an active


... Any games that the operator deems necessary can go there. So just go to the bonus rules or ask support for details. If you bet on prohibited games, you can say goodbye to your bonus and winnings. The casino cancels them, and more often than not they do not care if it happened by accident or on purpose. One could give up on this, it seems like I just got the money, they took it and it's not a shame. But this is not the case. The fact is that in most cases, punters use their real money first when wagering. First, the deposit is spent, and when it ends, only then the bonus funds that were presented to you by

go to the bets

...gonzo quest It turns out that you can win with your money, but it will not be yours until the end of the wagering. And in case of violation of the rules, these winnings will be taken away from you. It sounds unfair, but these are the rules in almost all casinos. Only a few operators establish that bonuses are spent first, and then the punter's real money. There were also cases when the casino offered to spend both the deposit and bonuses at the same time. For example, 50% of the bet is taken from the deposit, while the other 50% is removed from the bonus balance. On this topic Licensed Volcanoes? The second"legal" casino is stealing the brand. Wagering the bonus and not postponing the bonus games in the casino This is also a very important wagering rule. Most pokies have bonus rounds %s... If you catch the right combination to activate the bonus round and close the pokie, the game will resume the next time you load the pokie machine. Since it is often difficult to clear a bonus in an online casino, punters will prefer to postpone the game they have won and open it even when there are no active bonuses. Thus, they would receive a clean win, ready for withdrawal. But in a casino it is forbidden to do this. Such tricks are considered fraudulent. Please note that punters often want to trick operators with this technique. Therefore, casinos are in a belligerent mood for such behavior. If you get caught on this, it is unlikely that it will be taken into account under what circumstances it happened %s... How to clear the bonus without exceeding the maximum bet? Another rule for wagering is the maximum bet. Violate it, there will also be punishment. The standard limit for the bet amount is 5 dollars, euros, pounds. Why does the casino install it? Without a limit, the punter will be able to wager the bonus at the casino if he takes a risk and is lucky. Let's look at two different examples with and without constraint. In both cases, the bonus amount is the same - $ 100. If the punter bets a maximum of $ 1 per spin and gets a multiplication of 20x with one of the bets, then the winnings will be $ 20. This amount is not dangerous, since the punter will bet it repeatedly, and the more times he risks money, the more chances of losing it %s... But if a punter can bet $ 100 per spin, with the same multiplier of 20x, he will have a winnings of $ 2,000. And this means that with such a margin, he can easily complete the wagering of the bonus in the casino. After all, then he will only need to drive his winnings a couple of times in order to collect the required amount of bets and unlock the conclusions. How to calculate whether it is worth trying to wager the casino bonus or not? There is a special formula for the expected value: 100% - (wager x casino advantage). It will show whether the offer is theoretically beneficial or not. It is used by bonus hunters who need to play a lot to make theoretical values ​​closer to real ones. You insert your values ​​into the formula, and if the result is positive, then the wagering is justified. If negative, then it is not justified %s... In this case, the theoretical advantage of the casino is used in the game you intend to play. For example, a pokie with a 97% return has a house edge of 3%. Example. The wager is 35x, the house edge is 4%. We substitute the data and we get: 100% - (35x4%)= - 40%. That is, the offer is unprofitable. Read more about bonus hunting here. How to clear a no deposit casino bonus The rules are the same as when wagering deposit bonuses, just the requirements are usually higher %s... The wager will already be much higher. For example, not 30x, but 60x. There may be additional prohibited games and shorter periods. In general, withdrawing winnings will be much more difficult.

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