Your business is a digital collaboration of unique resources

Combineer data

Empower privacy-compliant data and AI services!

In today’s digital age, your business isn’t just an entity; it’s a vibrant collaboration of unique data resources, each bringing value, opportunities, and future potential. Recognizing this intricate web of data collaboration is the key to unlocking unparalleled growth and innovation. Privacy-compliant data orchestration is designed to help your company ensure that your data handling practices align with applicable privacy regulations and support you with all client- and server-side capabilities.

Keep up with the latest requirements and ensure your data handling processes comply.

A low-no code platform to configure your digital data services for everyone involved to manage and collect data in a privacy-compliant way, including secured distribution, accessing, protecting, and sharing your data assets.

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“We stride into a future where data privacy shapes consumer trust and enterprise success, the Board’s role transcends regulatory compliance, championing a privacy-first approach that secures data while unlocking its value sustainably and ethically.”


“The cost of GDPR fines went from €158.5 million, or $179 million in 2020 to €1.087 billion, or $1.23 billion, in 2021.”


“By year-end 2024, Gartner predicts that 75% of the world’s population will have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations.”

Where data and AI meet regulatory compliance

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1. Start a Project

Sign up your company and start your project.

Combineer data

2. Describe your ingredients

A canvas to describe the ingredients needed for your successful project. 

Folder systeem

3. Enable your data sources

Connect any public and shared data catalog to your project


4. Publish your service

Publish your data and AI services at runtime 

Why Datastreams?

Organizations have enormous pressure for data protection and regulations to comply with increasing costs. The Datastreams privacy compliance platform supports you and your business in independent compliant data streams to get complete control. However, the difference between paperwork GDPR administration or technical compliance the more complex.
Let’s keep the internet a safe and transparent place for everyone.
Hi there,

I'm your Inspector. Living on the internet for quite some time and have inspected and discovered many things. As your Inspector, I'm supporting your data protection officer in continuous monitoring of your digital asset. Support your organization on how to collect data correctly due to your applicable privacy and data regulations, consent management, and so on!

So a win, win, win, so to say.

Data anywhere, Regulations everywhere.

Any idea how many risks your company right now is taking? Many regulations out there all impacts your information security, customer rights for data protection, and privacy. It takes a lot of effort to become a trustworthy, sustainable data-driven business.  So let your business work compliantly together as easy possible. Master your data-driven business in an integrated, compliant way. 


Orchestrate your data projects as a product.


Continues control and trusted collaboration


Technical and administrative compliance 


Automated and controlled forward integrations.

Our platform enables companies to collaborate and get the most out of their digital assets while upholding the increasing demands to applicable regulations, compliance – security frameworks and privacy standards.

Trust, Transparency, Together

Empower trusted intelligence

Streamline your data-driven business processes and eliminate your risks of non-compliance to any applicable data protection regulations
Empowered by our Inspector of trust!

Personal Data

Collect, stream any personal related data compliantly


Publish code from your data engineers and stewards  


Configure and design your data privacy compliance

Share trust

100% secured and controlled forward integrations

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