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Every local (semi) government, school, student, and researcher is working on a data project. It doesn’t matter when in time but there is always a moment when sensitive data is involved and or data needs to be protected and when working with personal generated or related data, regulations are applicable.

4 eyes principle

All take responsibility for a compliant data project.


Control all your shared data sources in agreement with your stakeholders

Notifiactions - Alerts

Receive notifications and alarms regarding non-compliance issues.

Collaborate in transparency

Many of your data projects are not even close to compliance.
As a team we worked together with lots of students, local governments, and institutes experiencing lots of unspoken risks when sharing data in these projects.

When we discovered no one cares about this risks of non-compliance we start a project with one of our strategic customer and there stakeholders to change it in to the better.

Our Datastreams Platform is our state-of-the-art data sharing and collaboration solution. It allows organizations to collect, enhance, stream, and share data in a secure and compliant manner!

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Vraag databronnen aan

A transparent ecosystem

More and more we get aware that working with data is as normal as interent is. In our day to day business we are involved with data projects, did you take in to account what could happen when data is somewhere and left behind or no one cares anymore?  So act responsible.

Partner of Datastreams, Fontys, data operation platform
Partner of Datastreams, TU/e, data operation platform
Partner of Datastreams, Maastricht University, data operation platform
Partner of Datastreams, JADS, data operation platform

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