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Onboarding services are an essential part of any business, as they help new employees or clients get up to speed and become productive members of the team or user base. However, the onboarding process can often be time-consuming and frustrating for both the new hire or client and the business

Another important aspect of onboarding services is privacy compliance. With the increasing importance of data privacy and security, it is essential that businesses ensure that their onboarding processes protect the personal information of their new hires or clients. This includes ensuring that any personal data collected is handled in a secure and confidential manner, and that appropriate consent is obtained before using or sharing this data.

Datastreams Platform makes complex things easy and is designed to help companies manage and share data within and between organisations in a privacy-compliant and secure manner.

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Create your own onboarding services without programming skills and save enormous implementation costs.

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Lowest implementation effort build privacy-compliant flows

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Integrate any identity or look-up service at run-time

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Workflows for secured data integrations with other systems

Audit Reports

Accountable to applicable (data) regulation 

All types of onboarding services are easily configurable by business users and support secured forward data integrations.
Ultimately benificial for everyone, no complex development and focus on extreme user friendly onboardings without limits.

Orchestrate and tailor your onboarding services

Datastreams onboarding services are based on our proprietary flow-based programming architecture with the idea of connecting small, reusable units of code (called “components”) into a larger network that defines the overall logic of an application. This comes with many advantages using our platform:

Reusability: all components are designed to be small and reusable, they can be easily repurposed or used in different parts of the application, which can reduce development time and make it easier to maintain the codebase.

Modularity: Our modular approach makes it easier to change or update individual components without affecting the overall functionality of the application.

Concurrency: build serverless concurrent systems, which can improve the scalability and performance of an application by allowing it to take advantage of multiple cores or processors.

Ease of use: It provides a visual interface for building and debugging onboarding services.

Rapid prototyping: Quickly prototype and iterate on ideas, which can be helpful for testing out new features or exploring different design options.
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Customer Due Diligence

After your onboarding services you can start a specific research based on outliers detected and write down your findings and facts in a dossier.

No code, configure and you're ready to go

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1. Start your project

Describe your privacy compliance project, purpose etc. 

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2. Configure your steps

Select your steps, explain and inform activate your services 

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3. Publish your project

No development efforts are required.
Publish and you are ready to go!

4. Happy onboardings

All happy, your business, and the people that need to onboard.

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Yes you can, we have support any identity or look-up service that you want; regional, European or worldwide. Our flow-based architecture makes it very simple to build tailored onboarding services.  

Yes, you can. Design within your style guide colors, and choose your (preferred) onboarding steps and publish your service – ready to go.

Due to applicable data regulations, for example, GDPR. Your company is a data controller when you onboard customers, employees, and or companies. All workarounds with this kind of identity service in your current systems will impact your privacy compliance. Besides very resource-intensive implementation efforts, you need to exactly address under which legal ground you are processing this personal and sensitive data. What if you have different legal grounds or purposes it will get very messy! 


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