Achieve interactive customer excellence through real-time streaming analytics

Combat fraud through optimised know-your-customer policies

Comply with privacy & financial regulations and directives

Data-driven economic.

In today’s data-driven world, considerable pressure is put on financial service institutions. With the options for financial service providers for customers ever increasing, offering personalised and seamless customer service is important for a financial institution to remain competitively viable. Additionally, banks are expected to contribute combating fraud by implementing extensive know-your-customer policies and software. Finally, all this needs to be done while adhering to regulations and directives, which may require extensive privacy and security on one hand (GDPR regulation) and seamless, easy disclosure of customer data on the other (PSD2 regulation).

An integrated framework to collect, combine, process and stream data from one place to the other, plays a critical role in enabling financial service providers to achieve these goals. Our Datastreams Platform has been designed to help companies manage and share data within and between organisations in a compliant and secure manner. This allows financial service providers to:

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