Serverside tag management,
in a cookieless world!

Are you in control of your tags, cookies, and 3rd party data collection? Can you rely on compliant digital data collections on your website?

Make life easy and eliminate this world of marketing tags insanity.

Start and have it all; your click-stream data in complete control!

Configure your first-party data collection services

Enormous amounts of data are available for marketers today. Utilizing the full potential of this data to better connect with customers is the secret behind effective data-driven marketing and advertising.

This is not always easy: data from various sources need to be collected and compliant with privacy standards and in compliance with data regulations. High-quality data is more complex due to adblockers and browsers respecting their users with intelligent tracking prevention.

Additionally, all data processing and personalised targeting needs to be done while respecting customer privacy and relevant legislations. To enable every aspect of data-driven marketing, we have developed a future proof, easy to configure common platform. Giving your business and marketeers access to the power of real-time high quality clickstream data easily pushed forward.

Independent serverside data management.

Server-side data management is, in a nutshell, tagless tag management. It enables brands to transmit necessary data from their websites to vendor partners without the use of vendor tags, and thereby without placing unnecessary load on consumers’ browsers. Moreover, the ability to collect and share data without tags means server-side data management enables clients to collect data where tags don’t exist, establishing the foundation for Omni-Channel data collection and marketing campaigns. Datastreams holds patents based on long-term research and studies in close cooperation with the University of Technology Eindhoven to solve this complex problem in a future-proof, easy-to-set up compliant data routing.

All on and offline touchpoints

Configure and integrate any touchpoint for your customer datastreams

Connected people

Privacy compliant data collection to any applicable data protection regulations.

Flexible architecture

Any cloud strategy for complete control of your data operations


More accurate data collection and conversion tracking

Adblockers, tracking restrictions like ITP, iOS 14, and broken javascript all affect the accuracy of the data you collect about website visitors. And these are the main reasons we highly recommend starting implementing server-side tracking. Comply and control!

Cookie Monitor- Cookies
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Control and respect customer choices what data each vendor receives.

Control what data each technology vendor receives. Manage your project in complete control of how and what data will be sent on behalf of your client’s consent choices. No difficult implementations anymore you can be 100% sure how personal data will be distributed and used.


Orchestrate your data projects as a product.


Continues control and trusted collaboration


Technical and administrative compliance 


Automated and controlled forward integrations.

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