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Datastreams is a regulatory technology (“RegTech”) company whose regulatory-compliance collaboration platform helps organizations to assure high-quality data and orchestrate compliant data services.

Business processes, value chain (network) partners, and innovations all are dependent on continuous trustworthy data to be shared in a secure and compliant way.

Datastreams enable companies to become digitally connected businesses and get the most out of their data while upholding ever-increasing (digital) regulations, data governance, and privacy standards.

Datastreams has a solid academic background operating from the Brainport region in North-Brabant, has strong ties to the TU/e, Fontys ICT, and participated in the MIT Accelerator Program in 2014.

"Making complex things easy, is a challenging task"
Together we make your internet services cross-boarder regulatory compliant

Regulatory compliance by design

Navigating through privacy laws can often translate to endless hours immersed in data collection exercises, where privacy experts liaise with engineers to understand the handling of users’ personal data. At Datastreams, we understand that for privacy teams, this time could be better invested in integrating enhanced privacy controls into the products.

And for engineers, the focus shifts from constantly addressing privacy inquiries to proactively demonstrating the privacy impact of their products. With Datastreams, we transform this dynamic, enabling a more efficient and proactive approach to privacy and compliance. Our advanced first-party data architecture allows privacy professionals and engineers to seamlessly collaborate, ensuring that privacy controls are not just reactive measures but are integral, proactive components of your products. Experience the synergy of compliance and innovation with Datastreams, and let’s build a future where privacy is a proactive commitment, not just a reactive obligation!
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We implement your privacy-compliance data services together with domain experts. Do you need services in data engineering, customer and data analytics, privacy compliance reports or consulting services? Our marketplace service manager is here to guide you through the process and ensure that you find the solution that fits perfectly your organization.

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