3rd generation data management solution

Datastreams.io is a trading name of O2MC I/O Ltd. We are the innovative company behind the Data Stream Manager (DSM). Our experienced international team has a proven track record in data and analytics and is recognised by our partners for delivering excellent co-created solutions.

Our high quality, privacy by design standards are all focused on enabling and accelerating our partners to solve data driven challenges for their customers.

The Data Stream Manager is an application built upon the O2MC  prescriptive computing platform  which provides a framework for designing and deploying event based data processing solutions. The platform can work with data from any source connected to the internet, i.e. the Internet of Things.

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We are driven by a collective belief that what we do matters and will make a difference. So, we dare to dream and discover, in search of the new and exciting. We change and transform, by pushing things forward and getting things done. We create and disrupt, striving for better instead of more. Together we will raise the professional standards of both data leverage and data ethics, freeing the world from the complexity of technology. Along the way, we will build, trust, long-term relationships and loyalty.


We are a part of the fast expanding O2MC I/O ecosystem. A foundation of proprietary technology, principles and partners, all contributing to a sustainable data-driven ecosystem. For us, this is a core-differentiator in relation to the ‘wild west’ of all open source opportunities out there. We developed a new way of managing data by using these O2MC I/O principles in our ambition to get rid of the enormous waste of resources and be in perfect control. We are ready to empower organisations in mastering data by using their own branded Data Stream Manager.

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  • Eric Kroon
    Eric KroonChief Revenue Officer
  • Nick Wood
    Nick WoodPartnership Operations Director
  • Ian Gardiner
    Ian GardinerVP Sales
  • Peter Lem
    Peter LemVP of Engineering
  • Andana Borcan
    Andana BorcanOnboarding Manager
  • Britt van den Heuvel
    Britt van den HeuvelMarketing Coordinator
    • Bob Nieme
      Bob NiemeAdvisor / Founder
    • Eric Diks
      Eric DiksAdvisor
    • Stefan de Kraker
      Stefan de KrakerAdvisor
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