A retrofit architecture for your private independent data processing.

Combineer data

A retrofit regulatory compliance by design architecture - just for you!

Datastreams is your go-to solution for independent first-party data architecture, blending 15 years of expertise in data engineering and management with innovative analytics solutions. Our experience spans hundreds of global, complex implementations, positioning us as leaders in the field.

Our advanced unit is a beacon of data processing excellence, handling vast data volumes while maintaining paramount privacy and compliance. It’s structured on an acyclic graph of data operations, allowing for logical, transparent, and swift data processing without compromising security.

Our unit is based on an acyclic graph of data operations, ensuring that data flows through the system in a logical and transparent manner. This allows us to process data quickly and accurately, without compromising on privacy or security.

Whether it’s sensitive customer information or extensive research data, trust in the advanced technology and stringent privacy controls of Datastreams to keep your data secure and compliant.

Kickstart your data journey with our agile solutions, designed to align seamlessly with your business and IT needs. Experience the power of precise, rapid, and compliant data processing with Datastreams.
Overview of Compliance Monitor storage tab with the storage variables that are stored on the datastreams.io website.
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CISCO, 2021

“Many consumers are concerned about the use of their personal information in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated decision making, and abuse has eroded trust.”


“The cost of GDPR fines went from €158.5 million, or $179 million in 2020 to €1.087 billion, or $1.23 billion, in 2021.”


“Gartner predicts that large organizations’ average annual budget for privacy will exceed $2.5 million by 2024.”

Data Processing Unit

A dedicated first-party data processor 


Data ownership in full control


Share your data services in a privacy-compliant, and secured way. 

Take ownership and accountability in privacy compliant data processing.

Any idea how many risks your company right now is taking? Many regulations out there all impacts your information security, customer rights for data protection, and privacy. It takes a lot of effort to become a trustworthy, sustainable data-driven business.  So let your business work compliantly together as easy possible. Master your data-driven business in an integrated, compliant way. 


Single Source, Multiple Avenues
Datastreams, by design, allow for the continuous flow and processing of data in real-time, ensuring that every byte of information is captured, analyzed, and utilized effectively. By employing datastreams as the underlying architecture, businesses can harness data from a single source and propagate it across various platforms and applications, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and timeliness in data management and utilization.

1. Chief Privacy Officer

Informed and in control of data processing in relation to company policies.

2. Product owner

Data can be (re-)used for any data service and application under your control.

3. Data Expert

There are no limitations to enhancing a project with your tailored code, and algorithms.

4. Business Analyst

No more data and IT dependencies anymore. Create your business insights at run-time. 

Why wait?  Start your project and enjoy creating new data services for your business.

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