Unified trusted data collaboration

For over 15 years, our experts in data engineering and data management have built up leading edge experience from hundreds of complex worldwide implementations with best of breed analytics solutions.

This experience and best practices have been leveraged in the design of our proprietary flow-based Datastreams platform. The Datastreams Platform streamlines and simplifies your data-driven business processes by intelligent automation. Capture, share, and manage your data within and between organizations. From the initial step of collecting the right data towards getting a trusted personalised data view, our Platform facilitates the journey. Fast through optimised streaming technology, simple due to its patented data capturing capabilities and secured per our privacy by design principles, data collaboration is now available for everyone!

The Platform is built on a core Data Processing Unit (DPU) that can be extended with different modules to specific data and business requirements, data quality monitoring, data and transaction validation your web/mobile platforms r define and segment specific user behavior for privacy compliant next best actions.

Designed with IT & business agility in mind, it takes just a couple of minutes to start.
Build your own data platform with Datastreams Studio for developers
Privacy levels en settings (Governance) Datastreams software
Connections data platform and manager overview

Everything you need in a platform.

Real-time Compliance

Collect, process and deliver data in a compliant way.

Manage Privacy settings

end-to-end data protection and privacy controls.

Intelligent automation

Reduce risks and manual errors for trusted data collaborations

Open Scalable Platform

Build and control all your data streams in a code-friendly workflow.

Multi Cloud

Independent data operations, flexible deployment.

Improve your TCO

Data in motion doesn't need to be stored, this has a positive impact on the TCO for Data Operations.

A configurable platform for a collaborative data management practice focused on improving the communication, integration and automation of data flows between data managers and data consumers across an organization.

4 steps to fast results.




Define and capture the right data sources needed for your business purposes.



Configure and manage privacy and compliance levels for anonymous or personal data according to data regulations like the GDPR.   



Choose your destination(s) and easily stream data to partners and clients. 



Explore common goals and start collaborating based on instant real-time data insights.

Enrich your data operations with tailored add-on components

Apart from the key streaming process you need to manage your data, your company might value adding extra functionalities to its data strategy. You can easily extend your Datastreams Platform with add-ons.

Privacy Consent Management

Manage privacy and personal consent from end-to-end.

Data Quality Assurance

Monitor and validate your data to increase data quality.

Labels &

Combine advanced data collections and effective audience segmentation.

Development Studio

Create your custom module with our patented DimML programming language.

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