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The best way to understand the power of our technology, is to see it in action yourself. Learn how easy it is to set up a data connection and to add different sources and destinations in a personal demo. We will present how the Datastreams Platform collects and processes a dataset and how this greatly benefits internal departments as well as third-party clients and partners.

What we’ll show in the live demo?

During the demo we’ll take you through the user interface of our Datastreams Platform and show how to configure, manage and monitor the data streams in your company. We will also demonstrate the added utility that our modules offer and how the Datastreams Platform can help with a specific use case to your organisation. In addition, we’re happy to answer any questions or requests during or after the demo.

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A small introduction of our Module Privacy & Compliance

This video shows is short demonstation of how the Module Privacy & Compliance manages customer consent. In this case, a person visits a website and gives consent for personal data processing. Next, the data is processed by our Datastreams Platform and the results are shown in a simple DOMO dashboard. After a while, the person decides that they no longer want to share their data and alters the settings from ‘personal’ to ‘anonymous’. When the administrator refreshes his dashboard, he notices that some consent preferences on his website have changed. Instantly, no more personal data is collected about that specific customer, meaning that their changed preferences are instantly respected.

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