AI hosted services in full control for regulatory compliance

Combineer data

Enable your data and AI services easily to your business domain

Embark on a journey where data becomes your compass and AI, your navigator. Our Data and AI services transcend beyond merely understanding customer journeys, focusing on transforming raw datastreams into a powerhouse of actionable, strategic insights that drive every facet of your business.

Enable any AI service to your business domain to go beyond analyzing customer journeys, focusing on leveraging data to optimize operations, enhance product development, and drive innovative strategies. Your project can host any service from predictive analytics to machine learning models, we ensure AI is not just a buzzword but enable your strategic partner in every aspect of your business, ensuring holistic growth and development.

We understand that every business is unique. Our Data and hosted AI services are designed to be flexible and tailor-made, ensuring they align seamlessly with your specific needs, objectives, and strategic goals. From custom data analytics models to bespoke AI solutions, we ensure your data strategy is as unique as your business.

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Partner of Datastreams, KLM, data operation platform
Partner of Datastreams, Airfrance, data operation platform

Know your data - Share trust

Create your trusted data sources for your AI data-driven services, don’t risks any privacy compliance issues. 

Define your AI project

Describe your AI project for your business stakeholders.

Add your data sources

Add your data sources to your project


Monitor your data integrity and quality of set attributes


Compliant forward integrations with any system

One central control room for your data-driven AI services. In control for any applicable data protection regulation and transparent for everyone.

Make a transparent impact on your analytics, automated decisions, and marketing campaigns.

Monitor your AI project to detect outliers at runtime

Data Quality is crucial for organizations, or you cannot make the right decisions without it. With good data quality, you can be confident that the algorithms can bring in more accuracy and mitigate any potential bias in your AI project.

Our data quality inspector also works behind login functionalities, and for any scenario you want to test.
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Manage your AI projects with the right resources.

Manage your input data sources, describe your purpose and activate your team of experts. 

A multidisciplinary team effort without limitations and within control!

1. Chief Privacy Officer

Informed and in control of data processing in relation to company policies.

2. Product owner

Data can be (re-)used for any data service and application under your control.

3. Data Expert

There are no limitations to enhancing a project with your tailored code, and algorithms.

4. Business Analyst

No more data and IT dependencies anymore. Create your business insights at run-time. 

Why wait?  Start your project and enjoy creating new data services for your business.

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We implement your privacy-compliance data services together with domain experts. Do you need services in data engineering, customer and data analytics, privacy compliance reports or consulting services? Our marketplace service manager is here to guide you through the process and ensure that you find the solution that fits perfectly your organization.

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