Create privacy compliant AI services, control your responsibility.

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Ethical and transparent AI,
"A must have for trustworthy brands.

Ethical AI is artificial intelligence that adheres to well-defined ethical guidelines regarding fundamental values, including such things as individual rights, privacy, non-discrimination, and non-manipulation.

Ethical AI places fundamental importance on ethical considerations in determining legitimate and illegitimate uses of AI. Organizations that apply ethical AI have clearly stated policies and well-defined review processes to ensure adherence to these guidelines.

In contrast, ethical – transparent AI sets policies beyond legal requirements to ensure human values and comply with any applicable (data) regulations.

Our Datastreams Platform has been designed to be your trusted source for artificial intelligence – trusted intelligence.

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Partner of Datastreams, KLM, data operation platform
Partner of Datastreams, Airfrance, data operation platform

Know your data - Share trust

Create your trusted data sources for your AI data-driven services, don’t risks any privacy compliance issues. 

Define your AI project

Describe your AI project for your business stakeholders.

Add your data sources

Add your data sources to your project


Monitor your data integrity and quality of set attributes


Compliant forward integrations with any system

One central control room for your data-driven AI services. In control for any applicable data protection regulation and transparent for everyone.

Make a transparent impact on your analytics, automated decisions, and marketing campaigns.

Datastreams your privacy compliance platform

Organizations have enormous pressure for data protection and regulations, to comply with increasing costs. The Datastreams privacy and compliance platform support you and your business in independent compliant data streams to get complete control. However, the difference between paperwork GDPR administration or technical compliance the more complex.

Let’s keep the internet a safe and transparent place for everyone.
Hi there,

I'm your Inspector. Living on the internet for quite some time and have inspected and discovered many things. As your Inspector, I'm supporting your data protection officer in continuous monitoring of your digital asset. Support your organization on how to collect data correctly due to your applicable privacy and data regulations, consent management, and so on!

So a win, win, win, so to say.

Monitor your project to detect outliers at runtime

Data Quality is crucial for organizations, or you cannot make the right decisions without it. With good data quality, you can be confident that the algorithms can bring in more accuracy and mitigate any potential bias in your AI project.

Our data quality inspector also works behind login functionalities, and for any scenario you want to test.
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Manage your AI projects with the right resources.

Manage your input data sources, describe your purpose and activate your team of experts. 

No - Pro- code, configure and you're ready to go

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1. start your project

Describe your privacy compliance project, purpose etc. 

Combineer data

2. select your services

Select your (streaming) data sources

Folder systeem

3. publish your tailored code

Activate your code within your project when required.

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4. happy together

Your team – business users, analysts, scientists all in control 

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