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Our domain experts and partners have the knowledge and experience to help you understand data protection laws’ requirements and develop and implement effective policies and procedures to collect and protect your sensitive data.

Together, we navigate you through the complexities of server-side data collection and applicable regulations to ensure that your organization can meet its legal obligations while protecting its reputation and bottom line.

Our solutions help companies with:
Compliance monitoring, First Party Data,
Consent management and Third Party Risk Management

Partner of Datastreams, KLM, data operation platform
Partner of Datastreams, Airfrance, data operation platform

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DPOAAS - Privacy Company

Privacy Company is a rapidly growing organization with a start-up mentality. They are fully focused on privacy and data protection in the broadest sense of the word. From their offices in The Hague and Berlin, they work with passion for a wide range of clients, from local governments and ministries to the largest multinationals.

Our Experts

Looking for a expert to help you to implement your data compliance and privacy?

Floor Terra

Senior Advisor

I’m privacy advisor with a special interest in working on high impact projects that improve the protection of data subjects by combining technical an organisational solutions.  @PrivacyCompany

Niels Spangenberg

IT - Architect

Very experienced in architecture and application development for governments

Wim Renders

Data Coach

Data becomes information only when it is placed in context. This is how facts and figures gain meaning.

After a successful career in HR executive roles and serving several businesses Toine has decided that it is time to bring in practice what he preaches; ‘There is no use to have knowledge, if you are not able to share it“

Our Partners

Full service solution implementation is realized through our partnerships with these great companies

Privacy Company helps to put privacy at the center of your organization. Designed in such a way that it becomes as practical and simple as possible for you. In doing so, we go further than just complying with the law and preventing fines, and we contribute to a privacy-friendly organizational culture.

Shinto Labs develop data analytics solutions. Designing data to visualise it and make it useful.

Koek is your creative digital wingman. Delivering fascinating web apps, such as your tailored consent management front-end, improving customer, journeys, experiences, and your business performance.

Configure your first-party data services, with automated quality
and privacy-compliance validations to stay
in 100% control powered by Datastreams

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We implement your privacy-compliance data services together with domain experts. Do you need services in data engineering, customer and data analytics, privacy compliance reports or consulting services? Our marketplace service manager is here to guide you through the process and ensure that you find the solution that fits perfectly your organization.

Gijs Kooij – Marketplace manager

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