The DPO and the Data Stream Manager:

how can we help you?

At Datastreams, we like to say we are in the business of solving problems. That’s why we have developed our Data Stream Manager: an easy way to make life easier for everyone concerned with Data in your organisations. Whether you are in the business of analyzing data or your concern is the finances of your company, our Data Stream Manager can make life just that bit easier.


As a DPO you are responsible for auditing the data processing in your company, educating and training staff on GDPR requirements, maintain a record of data processing activities, amongst other activities. Whether you were appointed as DPO on top of your current business activities, or were brought in from outside the company, ensuring GDPR compliance is no easy task.

At Datastreams we believe any good DPO needs to have access to three areas of their data: vision, insight and control.

  • Means the DPO has a clear overview of what data is processed and where it goes. It is the overview a DPO has over how data is collected, where data is stored and how the data streams in the company are laid out.
  • Insight. The DPO needs to be able to monitor what happens to data as any time. What methods are employees using to gain value from data? Access to this information is only important to recognize when employees are using non-compliant methods to process data, but also to ensure that records include all data processing activities.
  • When it comes to data security, we don’t believe in having to wait for bureaucracy. We believe that a good DPO should have the control to stop processing behavior that violates the GDPR, today rather than tomorrow. A DPO should have the tools to ensure compliance by controlling data streams of implementing measures such as data-encryption.

In some cases, the current technologies of your company will be enough to ensure you, as DPO, get what you need to perform your duties. In most cases, however, some new technology will have to be brought in to ensure the DPO has vision, insight and control over company data. Luckily, we can help.

Our promise

Our Data Stream Manager (DSM) has been developed by experts in data management with best practices and Privacy by Design principles in mind. The DSM enables you to gain a comprehensive overview of the data collection, streaming and processing activities in your company. This clear overview of the data-infrastructure in your company, makes monitoring, auditing and reporting much simpler. Furthermore, the DSM enables you to implement GDPR-compliant logistics quickly and easily and ensures your data streams are secure. By setting privacy levels for streams and destinations, you can send data to the right place at the right time in a GDPR-compliant way. Finally, our Consent Manager ensures you collect data in a GDPR compliant way. That’s one less thing to worry about.

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