Perform descriptive and predictive analytics on integrated sets of IoT city or citizen data

Respond dynamically to current city status by processing event stream data in real-time

Collect and process sensitive citizen data in a respectful, legal and secure manner

A data-driven environment.

It is the job of any city council to make sure their city both thrives economically and is a pleasant place for its citizens to live. To ensure this, many decisions need to be made on a daily basis. Insights from descriptive and predictive analytics on integrated set of city data help officials in understanding current and future challenges for the city, enabling them to make smarter decisions. More ambitious projects of data-driven city management entail building ‘smart cities’; cities that utilise information technology and interconnected IoT systems to monitor and dynamically monitor and manage services and resources across the city in real-time.

Both types of data-driven city management need to balance the goal of providing a sustainable, secure and sanitary city environment with the risk of breaching the privacy and security of its citizens. The Datastreams Platform has been designed to help organisations like city councils to perfect this balancing act. The platform allows high-quality (real-time) data integration and comprehensive analytics on the one hand, while ensuring the security and safety of citizen data on the other. This allows data-driven city councils to:

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