Data dreams of: American Express, data-driven company

Data dreams of: American Express

It is sometimes said that everything starts with a dream. To help you kickstart your own dreams, we are sharing the dreams of some of our clients. Today we are looking at the dreams of American Express, who leveraged the power of visualized data to gain improved insights into their marketing campaigns.

From ambitious data-dreams
American Express dreams of a way to gain better insight into their key touchpoints within the approval process for credit card applications. This would allow Amex Acquisition teams around the world to improve their marketing campaigns at any time based on data that is up to date, trusted and easy to understand.

For their data-driven challenge

  • Collect data from master sources and configure them into new data models.
  • Speed up the collection, collation and reporting of data from different sources
  • Configure data models and visualize them in an understandable manner.
  • Allow the end user to easily segment and filter data themselves.
  • Provide a high-level overview of campaign tracking data, allowing the detection of trends that require deeper analysis.
  • Be flexible and scalable across Amex in different countries
  • Enable compliance with the impending GDPR demands.

To a data-driven solution teamed up with Adversitement to make the dreams of Amex come true. provided the Data Stream Manager (DSM), which allowed Adversitement to collect data from different sources and build new data models. By connecting these data models to Tableau, Adversitement can create and maintain clear, insightful dashboards of clearly visualized, valuable and timely information.

For a data-driven future
With our solution being implemented in Amex companies in different countries, American Express can look forward to a future of easily accessible insights in key touchpoints with their clients. Amex acquisition teams no longer have to wait for reports put together by hand at the end of each month. Instead, they can rely on data that is batched on a near daily basis, meaning that they can monitor and implement changes in campaigns based on reliable data at any time. Users can also enjoy insightful dashboards that allow broader and deeper segmentation than before. They can clearly understand channel and campaign data without spending hours building their own reports. Finally, Amex is for the privacy standards of the future, as our data governance layer makes worries about the GDPR a thing of the past.

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