Ambitious data solutions for Vodafone in The Netherlands

Data dreams of: Vodafone the Netherlands

At we love fulfilling dreams. To inspire you to dream a little bigger, we share the visions of some of our partners and their clients. Today we are happy to share to dreams of Vodafone Netherlands, and how we helped them come true.

From ambitious data dreams
Vodafone Netherlands (VF NL) dreamt of a way to combine their online and offline data on their journey towards true data-driven decision making. In order to do this, relevant information needed to be at the right place at the right time. Luckily, this is what we’re good at

For their data-driven challenge
VF NL sought a solution that would allow them to capture, store and utilise data across their channels. To accomplish this, a solution needed to:

  • Simplify the process of capturing the right clickstream data at the right time.
  • Create specific data models of clickstream behaviour from multiple websites.
  • Stream these models to the UDA environment for further analysis.

To a data-driven solution provided the Data Stream Manager (DSM) in partnership with Teradata. This enabled Teradata to collect data from multiple VF NL branded websites and integrate it into Vodafone’s Unified Data Architecture (UDA) environment. This way, VF NL can be sure the right data is at the right place, in the right format, at the right time. Any time, all the time.

For a data-driven future
VF NL can now look towards a future of extensive data discovery on rich, streamlined data sets. Our Data Stream Manager enables them to effectively use the right customer journey data and make powerful, data-driven decisions for improving ROI and customer engagement. All quick, safe and GDPR proof, of course. That’s the promise.

With even more ambitious dreams
The world of Data science never sits still. The VF NL digital team has already continued dreaming up future uses such as analysing downtime effects, multichannel relations and customer journey roadblocks. What’s your data-dream?

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