Reasons why students love working with Datastreams

Why students love working with us

At Datastreams we always got some students helping around the office. We already discussed the reasons we love to work with these students in our blog ‘5 reasons we love working with students’. However, every story has two sides, so let’s look at the reasons students love working with us (according to two of our current student employees).

1. Our students work on varied projects with real data

Students have told us that one of the best parts of working with us is the opportunity to work with real data. Students working with us get the opportunity to work on a variety of projects for real clients. This doesn’t only allow students to experience the trials and tribulations that can come with working with real data, but also to see their projects implemented by companies: “Many of the projects I’ve worked on are still being used.” One of our employees told us. “It felt good to work on real, useful projects in addition to studying.”

2. Our office is a great learning environment

Learning about data science and IT at school is very valuable, but our students often tell us that being immersed in our data-driven environment is a fantastic learning experience. Data is the lifeblood of our company; it is our core business and ingrained in everything we do. Maybe it is because of this that students tell us that they learn a lot by listening to our data-professionals and working on innovative projects. Got a question about data science? Great chance someone in our office knows the answer.

3. We offer flexible working hours

From our experience with students, we know that sometimes they have a lot of time to work and sometimes it’s exam week and they are completely swamped. We emphasize. In fact, many of us still vividly remember it. That’s why we offer our students flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home.

4. Our office is never boring

Our office is full of young, enthusiastic, friendly people who are as happy to talk about data science as they are to share a beer or play foosball. That’s why it is never boring in our building.

Are you interested in working with us or do you want to know more about who we are and what we do? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Data collection and privacy activities, Datastreams helps you

Dear Santa, people don’t want to be on your list anymore

Dear Santa Claus, last year we expressed our concerns about your data collecting activities. We advised you to make some big changes to avoid being fined under the GDPR. One of the changes we suggested was to ask people for consent before tracking them with your Elv3s software. We know that these lists are an important part of your business and to help you give everybody the perfect personalised present, but we think it really might be time to change with the times. Because, Santa, as it turns out, more and more people don’t want to be on your list anymore.

According to data gathered across our own platforms, the number of people indicating not wanting to be tracked is steadily increasing. We have observed a 26% increase in do not track headers in the last three months across our platforms. It seems clear that many people wish not to have their behaviour tracked. We know that you understand, more than anyone else, the importance of granting people’s wishes. It is how you earned your jolly reputation, after all!

We understand that finding the perfect presents for people who don’t want to be on your list might be a bit more difficult. However, we are sure you will find a way to make everybody smile this Christmas, whether they are on your list or not. Merry Christmas, Santa!

Ps. If you need some help getting your consent practices up to date, we are happy to help you. That’s our gift to you, Santa!