Talented & Young, our reasons why we working with students

Young & Talented: 5 reasons why we love working with students

We are Datastreams, and we love data. We help companies to collaborate with data and create new opportunities. We are always looking for talented students to join our team of data scientists. Why students? Because we love working with people who are like us: smart, talented & ambitious. Want to know more? Here are five more reasons why we love welcoming students to our office.

Students are willing to learn

We are always looking for young talent to share our knowledge with. In our experience, students are open to learning new things and less likely to get bogged down in their presuppositions about how things should work. A willingness to learn and the ability to adapt to new situations is the best skill you can have. You can gain experience over time, after all.

Students are passionate

Students are most passionate about the work they do and highly motivated to use their skills to solve actual challenges in a real business. Student passion is not just a great way to contribute to our projects and it keeps reminding us of why we love what we do.

Students are technologically savvy

As a data science company, we are no strangers to new, innovative technology. In fact, we have developed our fair share ourselves. However, many current students have grown up in a world permeated by IT in every facet of life, making navigating websites and applications second nature. A natural affinity with technology combined with quality education about current and future trends, means students are more equipped than ever to work with complex IT-applications; both now and in the future.

Students are willing to take risks

More so than the generations preceding them, students are willing to take risks. They are willing to go abroad to make memories or to give up a comfortable place to live to find their own footing. It is this willingness to take a gamble that we like in students: instead of working on tried-and-true projects that are industry standards, students are willing to (and often want to) try new, innovative solutions. This makes students perfect candidates to work on more unorthodox, experimental projects. Sometimes all it takes is someone willing to take that leap of faith to get amazing results.

Students are fun!

It’s not all business. The final reason why we like working with students is that students always bring life and energy into our office. Most of our team consists of young adults who still know what it was like to be a student and enjoy interacting with them. Whether they play in our office foosball tournament, organise ice-skating trips or just regaling us with stories about the student-life, it’s always more fun when we have a student (or two) in our office.

Who will be our next student colleague?