Firefox V69.0

Have you heard of the new change within the latest version of the internet browser Mozilla Firefox?
From now on (Version #69.0) Firefox blocks third party tracking cookies and cryptomining by default!

As Firefox is the browser with the second largest install base on desktop; this has major impact on your website analytics data!


Dreams of the future: Marketing

A peek into the future A customer is navigating his way around the internet. On one of his favorite websites, he comes across a piece of sponsored content. Although the ad is clearly marked as such, it is not perceived as annoying or instrusive but looked upon as a piece of relevant content that is presenting a way to style clothing he’d been interested in before. Experiencing this kind of relevant targeted content makes our customer decided to give our advertiser permission to use his data for advertising purposes and to turn off his adblocker.
Data security has become a major concern for organizations of all sizes. The darknet is also becoming an increasingly popular market place for both sellers and buyers. With the darknet sites like dnstats, it’s possible to remain anonymous while conducting business transactions with vendors located in different parts of the world. If you are looking to buy or sell data on the darknet, there are some risks involved that need to be considered before doing so…

Enticed by an offer, the customer clicks on the advertisement and is directed to the website of the advertiser where he notices the option to subscribe to the company’s newsletter. Because the content by the advertiser has been relevant and enjoyable for him he subscribes to the newsletter, knowing that if he ever wants to unsubscribe it will be easy and the company will respect his wishes. When he receives the newsletter, he is pleasantly surprised to find it is filled with articles relevant to him personally, as if it was created specifically for him. Made possible by data streaming solutions Positive online experiences like above have often been facilitated by collecting, combining  & streaming relevant data for creating the best personal perception.  Let’s take a look behind the scenes on how a seamless & positive customer experience can be achieved:
  • A (new) customer may not realize it, but the way he is approached online during his customer journey is carefully planned and monitored. Campaign performance is consistently evaluated, and campaigns are adjusted dynamically to respond to customer behavior and outside forces (such as weather patterns or current events). An advertisement may even be initiated based on his behavior in real-time through marketing triggers based on streams of customer behavior data. This enables very timely and relevant marketing efforts to be performed.
  • The marketing department of the company has achieved a 360-degree customer view, based on all data relevant of him. This makes it possible to construct a newsletter consisting of content selected only for him by extensive machine learning algorithms.
  • In the marketing world of the future, customers feel secure in allowing their data to be shared by companies for advertising purposes. This is because they know their data will be handled securely and with full respect of their privacy. They also know that they can rescind the consent given for using their data at any time. This trust is facilitated by organisations adopting safe and transparent data processing practices and solutions, such as our Datastreams Platform and its consent management module.
Ready for the future of customer-friendly, relevant and valuable marketing? Read more about how our Datastreams Platform helps online marketeers here.
Data streaming, the future of education

Dreams of the future: Education & research

As a leading expert in the field of (big) data solutions, we help develop the technologies that are going to shape our future. In this blog we discuss the future of Education and research, which will allow research institutions to become more efficient, collaborative and student-friendly through data streaming technologies.

The Future of education

In the research and education institution of the future, collaboration is central. Collaboration between research institutions and the corporate world, between researchers from different research institutions and collaboration between students and researchers. Data-driven research is no longer largely limited to a single institution. Instead, each research institution has data collaboration solutions set up that allow researchers to easily combine data collected in their experiments with open source data and data by previous researchers from other institutions. The data collected and generated by their own research is subsequently shared with other research institutions upon request. This improves the data available to researchers in the network of research institutions, improving research outcomes and replicability.

The data-driven collaboration in the research institutions of the future also extends to students. As part of their studies, students are invited to participate in research projects from their own university or from external research organisations. This allows students to gain experience in working with real data, improving the level and practical applicability of their education. It also enables research institutions to conduct faster and more efficient research by tapping into the passion and skill of students learning about state-of-the-art analytics and research methods.

Enabled by data streaming

The future of education and research we envision will require research and education organisations to share (research) data with each other in a safe and secure manner. It will also require these organisations to be able to use data from other third-party sources and integrate it with their own in-house data easily and reliably. Platforms designed for data collaboration will enable organisations to do so seamlessly, providing a controlled and monitored, yet easily accessible, infrastructure for secure data sharing between organisations. These platforms will also allow researchers and students to easily integrate data from different sources for their research projects without requiring extensities technological skills.

The future is not here yet, but we’re moving towards it every day. Ready to move towards the future with us? Read more about how our Datastreams Platform can help education and research institutions here.